They Call Me a Rock Star - Charity Polish

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They Call Me a Rock Star - Charity Polish

A deep purple with green to teal shifting flake, green to yellow shifting flake, red to green to pink to purple shifting flake, UP red to green to gold shifting shimmer and violet shimmer. This is 2 coats with topcoat. Stamping polish is el corazon n plate is GPS stamping #42

A story by a member of the polish community on Facebook caught my attention awhile back. Maggie Fornaciari was talking about her cancer diagnosis and possibly not being able to continue treatments due to costs. As you may remember my husband was critically burned in August 2018 and his medical bills were astronomical. Our situation worked out but it was a terrifying having those bills over our head. One of my biggest fears is someone who can’t get medical treatment necessary to save their life due to costs. Foundations are helping Maggie with chemo costs but that help will not be available when she begins radiation. Her copay will be $823.00 per month. In addition she lives 60 miles from the hospital that she is receiving treatment. She will have 6 to 7 weeks of radiation for 5 days a week and estimates the cost of gas to be $150.00 per week. That’s $1473.00 per month just to have treatment. She cannot afford that and I’ll be damned she not get that treatment due to cost. After talking to Maggie I made a polish to help with those expenses. 100% of proceeds will go directly to Maggie to help cover those costs.

Maggie had 2 heart attacks last holiday season. Four months later she experienced strange symptoms. After a series of tests, CT scans and MRI’s it was determined she had Stage 3 lung cancer. She is a fighter though and her motto is “cancer you picked the wrong broad to mess with”. Her oncologist and nurses say she is strong and never complains. They call her a rock star.

The cost will be $11.00 and will be available until Maggie receives the all clear and kicks cancer’s ass! 100% of proceeds will be given to Maggie.

Maggie loves purple and lavender opals. This is the polish she requested.


Swatches courtesy of @_gypsys_hands, @delis_nails and @Larissag30


12 mL - 5 free, cruelty free and vegan. Made in Colorado, USA.

Use a good quality top coat such as CbL PDQ or Smooth Operator to add shine, extend wear time and preserve the holographic effect.

All Colors by llarowe polishes are hand blended in large batches and slight differences may occur from batch to batch. Please use a good quality thinner to thin to your desired consistency if desired. Do not use acetone to thin polishes.

Swatches are representative of the colors as close as possible, however the actual color may appear different depending on your monitors resolution and color settings. Bloggers may represent each color differently due to camera settings, lighting, skin tone, etc. and should only be used as a reference for general color. Results may vary.

TAT: Depending upon the amount of orders received it may take up to 2 weeks for your order to ship.


Swatches courtesy of : @_gypsys_hands, @delis_nails, @Larissag30

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