Black Friday Sale!

Black Friday Sale!

Posted by Leah Ann LaRowe on Nov 16th 2018

Black Friday you say? What is this thing called Black Friday? Well for me it means a turkey coma, sweats to accommodate that extra piece of pie and Christmas decorating. For you it means sales and fun stuff!

Here are the deets:

I'm going to make this simple. I am a lazy shopper and forget to add codes, etc. I'm going to code the site so that you can be lazy too. No codes and it's all going to be done for you.

1) All sale polishes will be pre marked with sale prices. The sale will begin at 12:00pm (noon) mountain time on Friday, November 23rd and end at 12:00pm (noon) mountain time on Saturday, November 24th.

2) Free shipping for all USA orders $25.00 and over. Free shipping will be coded in so no codes to worry about. Regular free shipping levels apply for international orders ($100.00 for Canada and $200.00 for all other international orders).

3) There will be a free gift with any orders $65.00 and over. This is automatic and you will not have to add a code. One free gift per order over $65.00 even on group orders. Sorry ladies, that gets confusing! This will be a polish you have never seen before and everyone will get the same free gift. It's a surprise but no ugly sweater polish I promise!

4) The Holiday 2018 Collection will be offered as a set at 10% off retail. Individual polishes will be full price. This is only available for the 24 hour sale. The set will return to full price at 12:01pm mountain time on Saturday. I am extending this pre-order for a 10 day period instead of the normal 7 day period as this is a crazy time of year for everyone and this will give you extra time if you are out of town, etc. The pre-order for the Holiday 2018 Collection will end on December 2nd at 12:00pm (noon) mountain time.

5) UP Top will be restocked at this time. It was an LE polish but I have had many requests for restock and you are going to have another chance!

6) There will be a polish available that has never been seen before. I know, I know, you hate mysteries but I love them. Swatches (on nice) will be revealed at that time. This is an LE polish so be quick!

7) The site will go into maintenance mode Thursday night, November 22nd so that I can load pricing discounts, etc. and will reopen for shopping Friday, November 23rd at 12:00pm (noon) mountain time.

8) If you would like to hold your orders for combined shipping you MUST put a detailed note (let use know what you are holding the order for and when you would like us to ship) on the initial order and any subsequent orders. There will be no exception for this rule and emails will not be accepted. I am sorry to be so strict but digging for emails and then adding notes manually to orders can cause mistakes. Thank you for your understanding!

9) We are usually rapid fire shipping and I am preparing for the sale already however there are usually a massive amount of Black Friday orders therefore shipping may take awhile. This is a pre-order for the Holiday 2018 Collection and when the POTM is available on December 1st (if you are electing to hold orders for it to combine shipping) it is a preorder as well. Please allow extra time for shipping. We will work as fast as possible to get your orders to you but it may take awhile depending upon the amount of orders received. Our usual 2 weeks TAT for preorders (we usually have them shipped within a week or faster) may extend out to 3-4 weeks (probably much faster but just trying to prepare you just in case).

10) There will be NO retroactive price adjustments on orders prior to the Black Friday specials. Thank you for your consideration!

Let the games begin!! Well, you know, next Friday.

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